Great 1866 Conflagration of Portland

Content and Overview

The site explores several aspects of the Great fire of 1866 which burned a third of the city of Portland. Interactive map and timeline allow users to read accounts of the fire as it progressed through the city. Users can see street by street descriptions of the destruction and view images of the same. Users can read short through the local, national and international reaction to what was at the time the largest urban fire in US history.

Creation and Technical Information

Great 1866 Conflagration of Portland was created for the 150th anniversary of the fire. Based off of research completed for a course of Nineteenth Century Portland History for American and New England Studies, at the University of Southern Maine. It was created using Omeka. The Neatline suite of plugins was used to create the interactive map and timeline. Other plugins the site uses: Digital Object Linker Plugin, Dublin Core Extended, Exhibit Builder, Hide Elements,  Geolocation, Item Relations, Mall Map, PDF Embed, Record Relations, Search By Metadata,  SimpleContactForm,  Simple Pages, and Simple Vocab.

Updates and Known Issues

7/28/2016- More records are scheduled to be added to the response page, expanding the dates of the newspaper articles and adding personal letters sent to the Portland City government.