Portland’s Historical Markers


Content and Overview

The site explores extant and recently removed historical markers in the city of Portland, examining their content and history. The site provides an interactive timeline and map, as well as individual records for each marker with a transcription of the text and other data.

Creation and Technical Information

Portland’s Historical Markers was created as a masters thesis project for American and New England Studies, at the University of Southern Maine. It was created using Omeka. The Neatline suite of plugins was used to create the interactive map and timeline. Other plugins the site uses: Dublin Core Extended, Exhibit Builder, Hide Elements,  Geolocation,  Search By Metadata,  SimpleContactForm, and Simple Pages.

Updates and Known Issues

8/14/2015- The timeline is not responsive on some touch screen devises. A workaround is being developed.

71/2016- The site is still being updated. As markers are located or added in the city.